About the Houston Paranormal

Research Team 


The Houston Paranormal Research Team was founded in the winter of 2008 by native Houstonians, Anthony Montalvo and Scott Zarosky.The first haunting we ever recorded was in 1992 (Bob White Story) and have been hunting ghosts off and on through out life ever since.

HPRT is managed by Meli Trejo who has experienced her own paranormal activity growing up which is what has opened up her curiosity to the unknown. Meli Trejo has recruited a talented group of people to join the team and together they are currently helping clients through out the greater Houston/Galveston and surrounding areas.

HPRT is based out of Houston and has done over 100 paranormal investigations throughout the years. We work with numerous paranormal groups and researchers all over the state and country.

 Our team consists of people that are school teachers, web designers, a financial consultant & even a paranormal author just to name a few. We document investigations of possible hauntings for people that either want to know what kind of paranormal activity they are experiencing or need documentation of evidence for religious blessing or cleansing. WE DO NOT GET RID OF GHOSTS.

We investigate in and around the Houston, TX area with the following: EMF, ELF, K-II, static night vision cameras, DVR systems, still photo cameras with IR and visible light spectrums, mini DV cameras with night shot and IR extenders, digital voice recorders, the Ovilus, temperature guns, Instrumental Trans-Communication, white noise generators, ion generators, strobe lights, and our accumulative experiences in the field.

All investigations are free of charge and are usually booked 2 - 3 weeks in advance.